Adobe Take 10 compedition entry

Take 10 'Zesty'compedition entry

Above: the ten images supplied by Adobe Stock and how I used them (To the left).

How many can you spot?
To give you a clue - the yellow pier like structure was taken from the purple rock and water image above.

Martin Morrison 17 November 2017 0 Comments

Creating something slighty different to how I'd usually work for this comedition entry for Adobe 'Create' Magazine. Using 10 supplied images to create an image based on the theme of 'zesty'. I usually prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator but as this task involve so many images, I used Photoshop instead. The letter forms were hand drawn and use many of the required photographs as textures

Hope you like it

The Duckling Charity Cookbook 2017

Martin Morrison 1 March 2017 0 Comments

I'm not known for my culinary skills, so how did I get asked to submit a recipe for a celebrity Cookbook, which includes submissions from Liam Neeson, Gino D’acampo, and Professor Brian Cox?

I was contacted out of the blue by one of the charities representatives and asked if I'd be interested in submitting a recipe for a charity cookbook. Was this for real?

Could this be a new trent in Nigerian phishing scams? Why would anyone ask me for a recipe. I'm not the type to post images of their dinner on Facebook! After a bit of research about the charity I learned that it was well supported by many well know, house-hold names all of which had provided their favourite recipes, and now I had an opportunitity to help out too. The charity aims to raise funds for the Nottingham Children's Hospital School, providing learning support for children and young people, aged 4 – 18, with a range of medical conditions and strive to provide them with a continuity of education whilst unable to attend school.

They try to get a range of people who young people might aspire to be, such as actors, sports men and women and realised that they only had one artist (the wonderful - Jon Burgerman). Searching throught the Association of Illustrators, portfolio website, it was my work they said "stood out", so contacted me with their request. After such a lovely compliment how could I refuse? The Cookbook, while delayed should be available sometime soon, (Still no news -Latest update Jan 2018) with the proceeds going to this wonderful cause. I urge you to give as much support as you can. More information can be found here and also

my son, me and my soup recipe

Images of my son, myself and my soup recipe (images copyright Martin Morrison 2017)

World Illustration Awards Entry 2017

Donald Trump illustration
Martin Morrison 20 February 2017 0 Comments

Just entered an adapted version of my Donald Trump image for the World Illustration Awards. As you can see I've tinkered with the first version sligthly, until I was completely happy with the result. (Hand drawn, scanned and them traced and coloured in Adobe Illustrator.
Wish me luck.

Noise Festival 2014

Martin Morrison 14 November 2014 0 Comments

One of six images I've submitted to the Noise Festival (2014) has been judged as 'Outstanding' work by curator Denise Proctor (Professional Film maker and Screenwriter)

This piece of work, I call 'Euro Titantic?' looking at the effects of a financial crash of the Euro pitted against the U.S. Dollar.

I thought about how this would affect the lives of millions of europeans and dicpicted them as stranded passengers. This image was originally hand drawn and coloured/ edited in Photoshop and was chosen to appear in the Association of Illustrators Annual - 'Images 26' and travelling exhibition around the UK. I had recently updated it by adding a water texture to add an extra dimension. I think this helps the image look and work as I originally planned.

What do you guys think?